101 WEEK

You will only be a first year once and 101 week is dedicated to that wonderful feeling!
Everyday we get closer and closer to the fall semester and with it 101 Week! Join us for an action-packed 6 days during the first week of the fall semester where you can participate in fun events, make new friends, and learn more about your faculty and the university! This summer the CSA has worked very hard to bring to you our first ever hybrid 101 Week, which means there will be both online and in person events for you to attend. We also realize that with COVID-19 rules and restrictions many of you will be unable to join us in person, whether that be because you’ll be joining us virtually from outside the National Capital Region or because there are limits to capacity on all of our events to prevent the spread. 
Please be advised: the University of Ottawa has made it mandatory that all those who wish to participate in in person activities on campus must be vaccinated. We have no control over this rule and its enforcement, but will be following university policy when it comes to vaccination. The CSA hopes to accommodate as many of you as possible and make this the best 101 Week yet, so please make sure you’re reading all our announcements very carefully and being diligent about adhering to guidelines to keep everyone safe.

Now you may be wondering: how do I sign up for 101 Week? Well, your ticket to 101 Week comes in the form of “purchasing” a kit. Due to the hybrid nature of our week, we are offering both virtual kits and a limited number of in-person kits, and here’s the breakdown of each:
The most surefire to be a part of 101 Week this year is to sign up virtually for free! No matter if you bought an in person kit or a virtual kit, all our operations will happen from our FaceBook group (invites will be coming soon). All virtual 101ers will get an extremely similar experience, with access to the same type of prizes and similar fun events as in person 101ers. There will also be the ability to meet new people through social media and online meet-ups that will get your first year off to the right start. To sign up, please fill out this quick form and we’ll send you an invite to our FaceBook group once it’s ready!

If you’re going to be on campus and are still interested in participating in person, we have about 30 kits left to sell. We’ll be offering them first come first serve at our booth on Tabaret Lawn on September 4th, from 11:00am to 4:00pm EST (while supplies last). To make sure you stay updated and can find us the day of, follow our social media linked at the bottom of this email. Moreover, we highly encourage you to sign up for our Virtual 101 Week, in case in person kits run out. It’s completely free and super easy, just fill out this form!

If you have not received any of our 101 Week emails yet, please send our VP Communications, Sacha, an email at vpcomm@csa-aec.com and we’ll update it as soon as we can.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about kits or 101 Week in general, please contact our VP Social, Emma R., at vpsocial@csa-aec.com or any other member of our team who’s information you can find under the “Contact” tab.