Meet the 2018-2019 Executive Team

Sidra Hashmi - President

Sidra is in her fourth year in Criminology and Women's Studies! Originally from Vaughan, Ontario, Sidra chose to pursue her undergrad in Ottawa because of the unique double major and the francophone culture on campus. This will be Sidra’s fourth year on the executive team and as such she is an excellent fit for the position! As President, Sidra will facilitate teamwork within the CSA, as well as maintain relations with other student associations, university employees, and members and organizations within the community. Sidra helps to ensure transparency through activities such as posting meeting minutes and organizing the annual General Assembly. Furthermore, the President ensures the CSA operates with the students' best interests in mind, whether they be academic, professional or social. 

Mark Jenkins - VP Finance

Mark Jenkins is a fourth year Criminology student with a minor in Law. A lover of water-sports and a big time hockey fan, Mark is always happy to talk about last nights game. As the Vice President of Finance, Mark is responsible for ensuring that the association’s budget is maintained and the association’s finances are kept on track. Mark’s hard work ensures all the events we throw are able to happen and is excited to see you all at them!

Cam Ayres - VP Social

Cam is in his 3rd year of Criminology with a minor in law. As the Vice President of Social Affairs he's always down to have a great time and always open for good conversation. Cameron is responsible for throwing some of the hottest events in Criminology as well as 101 week! There's always a party to be had, so do not hesitate to stop by for any upcoming social activities. We hope to see everyone come out to all the exciting things planned in the future!

CJ Clark - VP Philanthropy

Born and raised in London Ontario, CJ is a fourth year with a major in Criminology and a minor in Sociology. As Vice President of Philanthropic affairs for his second consecutive year, he has many goals and responsibilities. Throughout the academic year CJ undertakes a variety of events and causes as a way to increase awareness and raise funds for both local and international foundations including Shinerama, Movember, and Relay for Life! CJ hopes to expand the scope of charity based events within the CSA beyond simply raising funds for charities. He believes he can use philanthropic events as a platform for students to network, socialize, and engage within the community to make meaningful connections and contributions. Additionally, CJ plans to help students who wish to attain volunteer placements to both build their experiences and resumes. CJ is passionate about the CSA and looks forward to meeting you at both our regular and philanthropic events!

Caitlin Vacheresse - VP Communications

Caitlin is a third year Criminology student with a minor in Global Studies. As Vice President of Communications Caitlin facilitates all communications from the student federation to you! She maintains the website and manages the various social media’s so be sure to follow and like our accounts to keep up to date and make her feel appreciated! If you have any questions or comments on how to make our platforms better she’d love to hear them so don’t hesitate to swing by to chat.

Gabriella Mazumder - VP University Affairs

Gabriella is in her 4th year of Criminology with a minor in Law! As your Vice President of University Affairs, Gabriella organizes networking events that help enhance your university career. If you have any questions or concerns about your academics, she's always happy to help. Additionally, she’s your main contact for purchasing clothing so if you’re looking to get some of our awesome clothing, stop by to see her during her office hours.

Suraj Wadhawan - VP External Affairs

Currently going into his 3rd year of studies with a Specialization in Criminology and a minor in Women’s Studies, Suraj is this year’s Vice President of External Affairs. Suraj spends most of his free time playing sports but especially loves to obsess over soccer. He loves to debate so feel free to drop into his office hours to have any sports debate with him (MJ > Lebron)! Suraj’s role entails him to be responsible for keeping a respectable and healthy role with organizations within the Criminology community such as Millhaven Lifers Liason Group and the SFUO. He works to promote any of the events done by the CSA to any external organizations for the benefit of the CSA. Suraj is this year’s VP of External Affairs and looks forward to bringing a new light, opinion, and new face to this years CSA Community!