Make the Most Out of Your University Experience

It is very important to us at the CSA that your time at uOttawa is the best that it can be. As such, we have gathered opportunities to build networks and create friendships in the criminology field, the student association and across Ottawa.


Community Volunteer Experience

Volunteering is an amazing way to give back to the community. The CSA has created a volunteer package designed to assist criminology students in finding volunteer opportunities in their given field. For more information, please feel free to contact our VP Philanthropy, CJ Clark, at vpphilanthropic@csa-aec.com.


Volunteering with the CSA

Join the Executive Team

Their is no better way to get involved with you student association than to join the executive team!

The CSA is currently looking for people to join our team! If you are fluent in both english and french, consider becoming our director of billingualism using this link before September 28th.

We are also looking for eight people (four english speakers & four french speakers) from each grade to represent the CSA as a Class Representative. If this interests you, please use this link to fill out the application form before September 28th.